What’s the veal?

This poll is now closed but have a read of my feature about veal and let me know what you think about veal.

Veal is one of the most disputed and controversial meats in our country and I am getting my Sherlock Holmes on and I will be investigating the topic for a feature article.


(Photo attributed to Jordan Harris)

I, Jordan Harris, am asking all my readers to take this poll so I can gauge your views on the subject.

I am not one to beg, but heck I’ll get down on my hands and knees and ask you to tweet about the poll using the #vealornoveal or #whatstheveal hashtags so I can gather your opinions.

Alternatively please, please, I’m begging you please, leave a comment (you can remain anonymous if that is your so desire) just to let me know your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “What’s the veal?

  1. I was once eating a delicious Wiener schnitzel (if you’ve never had one OHMYGOD) in a fantastic schnitzel haus in Berlin. Halfway through my friend started quizzing me about what I was eating. I hadn’t clicked that Wiener schnitzel is always veal, and what I was eating was a carefully hammered, breadcrumbed piece of immature baby cow. Friend then proceeded to tell me the exact process of harvesting veal. Totally made me stop eating for at least 10 mins. Then I finished it, but guiltily. It was, after all, extremely delicious. I look forward to seeing how correct my friend was!

    • Thanks for the comment, it’s great to get so many different points of view!

      My feature article will be investigating British Rose Veal as the process that is accepted in Europe is totally different in the UK. It should be interesting to see how or if it differs! Stay tuned, it will be done over the next couple of weeks!

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  3. I have never tasted Veal. I have no issue with eating young animals (and neither should anybody else who eats Lamb…), I have simply never seen any for sale. I’m not sure whether outdated attitudes to the meat have affected my view, however I can see how people that have been previously taught that young cows slaughtered for veal have been raised in crates may take issue. Although considering that, battery farmed eggs and Chicken meat are completely legal and readily bought because of the (slightly) lower price. Personally, I can’t decide whether I’d rather eat an animal who has had a happy life and then one day gets shot in the face, or one who has had a miserable existence and would probably shoot themself in the face, given the option. Anyway, in conclusion, if it tastes good (as I am led to believe Veal does…) and you’re comfortable putting it in your face, happy munching to you, yay Veal!

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