The Got Beef story

Cardiff’s pop up scene is well and truly booming right now and the talk of the town recently has revolved around new burger venture, Got Beef.

The man behind the burger, Cai Pritchard, always dreamed of working with food. “I know it sounds very cliché, but my passion is food and I couldn’t imagine any other career,” he stated.

After spending the last seven years working as a chef for a variety of restaurants and coffee shops, Cai saw a gap in the market. He explained, “The idea for Got Beef came from the street food buzz that was making its way over from America.” With programs like Man vs. Food becoming increasingly popular on televisions this side of the pond, people were demanding good, comfort food. “Everybody likes a burger but finding a good one was impossible, so I knew it was the right decision,” he states.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 21.07.23

Burgers everywhere! Got Beef’s sliders (Photo attributed to Cai Pritchard)

Popular pop ups

Got Beef will be appearing in both La Viva and The Mackintosh Sports Club on a pop up basis and Cai suggests that the reason pop ups are becoming popular is because of the “ever increasing pitch fees” coupled with over estimating attendance.

Street food traders therefore find it “a great way to try out new menus, reach new customers and bring something new and exciting to customers.”

Colourful Menu

The pop up burger joint certainly do bring their customers something new and exciting. Their menu is colourful both with regards to the names of the burgers as well as the actual ingredients. The Heisenburger for example, named after the hit show Breaking Bad, contains not just blue cheese but blue onions.

“Naming our burgers is one of the many highlights of our job. Most of the time they are named after creating the burger, but occasionally we create one based on a specific theme like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos,” Cai explained.

No matter what the colour or the name of the burger however, all of Got Beef’s patties are sourced from North Wales from a rare breed of cattle called the Welsh Black. “Our butcher hangs the meat for a minimum of 21 days before making our award winning patties,” he says proudly.

The Soprano in all its glory

The Soprano in all its glory (Photo attributed to Cai Pritchard)

Despite his favourite burger being The Soprano, Cai highly recommends The Bombay. “A cooling coriander and lime mayo, curried smokey bacon and spiced haystack potatoes which add a pleasing crunch to each bite,” he describes. A description which would make any sane person drool.

The Future

Got Beef will sadly only be making appearances as a pop up during November, but he hopes that there will be more dates to add in December and when asked about the future, Cai optimistically said “We are always keeping an eye out for the perfect premises so I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!”

Let’s just hope that the perfect place comes along and they become a permanent fixture on our streets!

Cai and Got Beef will be grilling up beef patties with a twist every Friday from 7pm at La Viva and Sundays from 12pm at The Mackintosh Sports Club throughout November. Let us know what you thought of their burgers below or tweet us @thegrillbarrel

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