The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. reviewed

There’s not many things I hate in this world but one thing I detest is taking a first bite of a hot dog, with high hopes and expectations of filling my gob with a delicious frankfurter, only to get a mouthful of bread. A hot dog that is smaller than its bun is the definition of pure hell.

That’s why, when I first sunk my teeth into a Rollin’ Hot Dog and my first bite was pure frank, I felt like I had truly gone to hot dog heaven.


(Photo attributed to Jordan Harris)

My sausage, sat on a bed of seeded bread, tucked in under a delightful duvet of chilli con carne, onions, and cheese, was the definition of cheap and cheerful (cheerful however is somewhat of an understatement; it was bloody delicious). With their offerings ranging between £2.80 and £3.30, these delicious dogs are the same price as a Boots meal deal, and I for one know what I would rather stick in my mouth. Yup, you guessed it; a Texas Chilli Dog!


(Photo attributed to Jordan Harris)

Not only is the food magically cheerful. Holly and her bun slicing mum Trish were dishing out dogs with smiles plastered on their faces on Womanby Street in the Fashion Quarter and I was proud to be their first customer.

My only regret of the morning was not getting an extra one because mine was wolfed down in a matter of minutes.

These aren’t your average hot dogs, these are Rollin’ Hot Dogs, and Holly and her cart are a fine addition to the streets of Cardiff.

Have you tried one? Let us know what flavour you went for and what you thought of it below or tweet us @thegrillbarrel 

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2 thoughts on “The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. reviewed

  1. As a purist I’d have to say the bun is all wrong. But I’m open to trying it. Next time I’m in Cardiff, which will be soon after finding out this place exists, I’m making a bee line to this place.

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