Mission Burrito reviewed

Before moving to Cardiff in the summer, one of the first things I looked up about the city was whether there was a Mission Burrito. An eatery that holds a place in my heart after becoming a regular at the Bath branch.

It was in the Bath restaurant that I reached my highest peak; where I slayed Goliath; where my proudest achievement was accomplished. I conquered El Triple; three pounds of meat, rice, beans, salsa and guacamole, all encased in three feet of tortilla. Where countless diners admitted defeat, or took up to two hours to finish, the anaconda-esque burrito was wolfed down in 11 minutes flat and thus cementing the name of Jordan Harris on the history books forever (or at least their wall of fame), and earning myself a tidy t-shirt.


Top tip: don’t stop because the burrito will win. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat (Photo attributed to Jordan Harris)

My dismay at the distinct lack of burrito joints in the capital city came to an end, as one day I noticed a poster advertising the arrival of a Mission Burrito. The amount of joy that swelled inside me is indescribable, but imagine being a five year old at Christmas and you’ve delved inside your stocking to find the bearded fat man has just left you a whole tonne of Lego, or a doll, or a pony.

The day that the doors of my favourite burrito restaurant were to open couldn’t come quick enough, but when they did I was somewhat disappointed (and not only because of the long queues at lunch hour).


(Photo attributed to Jordan Harris)

You see, I’ve been spoilt somewhat by the staff in Bath. Experts of their field, they lovingly stuff your tortilla, massage it together and roll the perfect burrito.

Although the taste is somewhat similar; tender juicy meat, crisp lettuce, delicious beans, fresh salsas and rice cooked to almost perfection. The skill just isn’t quite there yet.

On multiple occasions, my wrap has been ripped, slowing the process as they are forced to start from scratch. My belly screams for Mexican goodness, but I have to wait a few extra minutes to tuck in.

“So what?!” I hear you say. “It’s only a rip and it’s only a slight delay.”

I’d like to hear those words repeated when you are served a ripped burrito and your lap is covered in spicy rice and pico de gallo. Or when you have a hankering so bad for a girthy tortilla that every extra second you have to wait seems like an hour.

The Cardiff branch is like a toddler learning to ride a bike; the training wheels are still on. The flavour is there but the skill is yet to be at the same level. With time, the training wheels will no longer be necessary, and I believe they are well on their way to wrapping the best burrito in South Wales. But until then I wait.

What do you think of Mission Burrito? Have you attempted the triple? Let us know below or tweet us @thegrillbarrel


3 thoughts on “Mission Burrito reviewed

  1. Many thanks for your review and your visits to both our Bath and Cardiff stores. El Triple conquerers are always held in highest esteem so your feedback is of ultimate importance! I’ve shared your review with Julien, our Cardiff manager and he’s beyond gutted. Having previously managed the Bath store and moved to Cardiff each paragraph dealt another blow. Julien is determined his Cardiff team will urgently achieve the expert status you awarded his Bath team and bring perfect wrapping to South Wales. He’s eating burritos prepared by his staff and nothing else until perfection is achieved and monitoring each customer’s burrito build with hawk like eyes. We might have to invite you in for a blind taste test soon to see if you can distinguish between a Bath and Cardiff burrito! With thanks, Sharon (Owner, Mission Burrito)

    • Hey Sharon,

      May I tell you that you are one of my idols and thank you for bringing Mexican goodness to both Bath and Cardiff. I will forever be in your debt for serving up some of the juiciest meat I’ve ever tasted, all encased in a soft, warm tortilla. What you have done is possibly the greatest gift someone has given humanity since some neanderthal decided to invent the wheel!

      I am glad to hear Julien will be taking my comments on board, and I’m also somewhat jealous that he will be able to eat burritos day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong, they taste divine but the technique just isn’t quite there yet. But it shouldn’t be something to worry about; Rome wasn’t built in a day; Einstein didn’t come up with E=mc². So don’t fret, all good things take time to develop and I fully believe Julien’s Cardiff team will get there in no time! That said, a blind taste test sounds like a spark of genius!

      Thanks for taking the time to reply,
      Jordan at Grill & Barrel

      PS your burritos are like a million times better than Wahaca, Tortilla, Barburrito and all those other Mexican joints, so keep on doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep on gobbling up those El Triples!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Neutral observer here, was just wondering when you were going to bring your fine franchise to Exeter? The thing is we have your usual fast food, but it just doesn’t cut it for the trendy Exeter students, half of whom would be forced at a stretch to define wagamamas edgy, and lets face it we all know thats about as edgy as a circle. I long for the day I can cure my hangover we a 3ft burrito, but alas I’m confined to the inadequate big mac or a stagnant meatball marina in soggy bread from subway!

      Kind Regards

      Barnaby Burrito

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