Real Ale, Real Music at Acapela Studio

Acapela Studio plays host to its popular Real Ale, Real Music event tonight off the back of a successful debut last year.

Real ale goes together with real music like an egg goes with a cosy coat of sausage meat, like a steak goes with a blanket of peppercorn sauce, like a chicken wing goes with a sweet BBQ glaze. You get the point. Therefore coupling ales from the Wye Valley and Otley Breweries, with music from a variety of local performers such as Tanglewood and Ellie Makes Music, will make for an eventful night tonight at 7pm.

Hywel Wigley, owner of the studios, says he expects a big turnout, as ‘it’s quite popular with the people of the village.’ He believes the success of the night is due to the pairing of local ales with local talent such as . With more of these events in the pipeline, including a Christmas ale and music festival, we should expect big things to come from the studio.

A variety of local acts will be on display on the night.

A variety of local acts will be on display on the night (Photo attributed to Hywel Wigley)

For more information and tickets head over to:


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